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2019 - District Ordinances

The District has adopted the following ordinances pertaining to all sewer lines and sewer laterals in the District.

Plumbing Ordiance 2019-01 Important Dates:

Effective Date  May 20, 2019

Date of Enforcement October 1, 2019

Most signifcant change in the Plumbing Ordinance: Private laterals are required to be inspected at the sale of property, remodels over $50K, or excessive spills.

ORD 2019-01 Uniform Plumbing Ordinance-FINAL.pdfORD 2019-02 New Standard Plans and Specifications-FINAL.pdfORD 2019-03 New Administrative Penalties Ordinance-FINAL.pdfSewer Lateral Inspection Report Form.pdf

After video inspection has been approved by the District, using the Sewer Lateral Inspection Report, a certificate of compliance will be issued:

  • New Laterals - certificate of compliance for 30 years
  • Repaired Laterals - certificate of compliance for 10 years
Sewer lateral Compliance Cert Example.pdf

 Monterey County Realtors Communication

Letter to Realtors-October - final signed.pdf

Transfer of Responsibility to Inspect Sewer Lateral

Transfer of Responsibility Form-Lateral Inspections-final.pdf


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