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About Us

Carmel Area Wastewater District is owned, operated, and managed by the community via an elected Board of Directors. Like the majority of wastewater treatment facilities in California we are a Publicly Owned Treatment Works or POTW. The Elected Board sets policy, determines budget, plans for expansion or upgrade, hold decision-making over for large purchases, and in general, control the overall direction of the operation. Any resident of our District has the right to run for and be elected to serve office on our Board.

Our primary function is the treatment of wastewater – or the flow of used water from the community which includes household wastes, commercial and industrial waste stream flows, storm water and ground water. By weight, wastewater is generally only about .06% solids – dissolved or suspended materials that are carried in the 99.94% water flow.

The Carmel Area Wastewater District is managed on site by wastewater professionals who are certified by the State of California and are specialized in wastewater treatment, collection, source control, maintenance, or laboratory analysis. Operations at Carmel Area Wastewater District are funded solely by user fees. A smaller component of our revenues comes from property taxes which we utilize for capital replacement, repair or improvement projects.

Publicly owned wastewater facility face many challenges, but our most critical concern is a basic one; providing the best level of treatment possible and ensure the safe condition of our water supplies.

In Case of an Emergency

During regular business hours Mon – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Please call (831) 624-1248

After hours please contact the Carmel Police Department at (831) 624-6403 and they will forward your message to our standby operators.

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