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Tours, Education and the Environment

Here at CAWD we are very proud of how we protect the Bay while turning wastewater into new water supplies for the peninsula, electricity for our plant and fertilizer for farms. We seek to close the environmental loop wherever possible.

May contain: bird, animal, and road
Safe Passage- Momma duck tours with fledgling students

We offer tours, classroom presentations and information on how we increase water supplies, generate electricity and produce valuable fertilizer for crops. Just click below to find out more!

The District participates in numerous efforts to engage the public in understanding wastewater and the proper disposal of assorted materials that can impact the treatment facility. The efforts range from multi-organizational Peninsula-wide efforts to tours of the facility to a vigorous source control program aimed at educating businesses in Carmel on what should or should not go down the drains. All District employees are involved in education efforts, from dispensing information over the phone to the line crews in the field informing residents of the work we do.