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Treatment and Disposal


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The CAWD Water Pollution Control Plant is a secondary type plant utilizing the activated sludge process for secondary treatment. The plant has been designed to treat 4.0 million gallons per day (MGD) of primarily domestic wastewater. At the present time the plant has a permitted capacity of 3.0 MGD.

After secondary treatment the effluent is goes through tertiary treatment including coagulation, flocculation, sand filtering, microfiltration and then reverse osmosis (RO). The RO recovery targets are an 80% recovery rate with less than 60 PPM sodium. This reclaimed water is delivered to the Pebble Beach Community Services District (PBCSD) which then distributes the water to the golf courses in the Pebble Beach area. The RO reject water is chlorinated, dechlorinated and then sent to Carmel Bay via an outfall and meets all stringent Federal and State discharge requirements.

Current average dry weather flow (ADWF) is approximately 1.2 MGD which represents 40% of the permitted capacity or 30% of design capacity. Of the 1.2 MGD approximately 0.9 MGD is from CAWD and 0.3 MGD from PBCSD. In the winter, following large storms, the flows can double or triple depending on the size and timing of storms.

Useful Links

State Water Resources Control Board

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Discharge Monitoring Reports

(To request Reports from prior years, please contact the Administration Office at 624-1248)

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