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Request a tour

Thank you for your interest in a tour of our plant!

Photo of a tour being conducted at Carmel Area Wastewater District treatment  plant
Photo of a tour being conducted at Carmel Area Wastewater District treatment  plant


Logistics/Planning. For school tours, these are the typical considerations:

  1. Date and time. Please provide dates and times when you would like to schedule the tour. Include optional (Plan B) times if the first date is unavailable. Because the site closes at 3:30 PM the latest recommended start time is 2:00 PM.
  2. Length. How long you can stay on the site? Tours less than 1 hour tend to be rushed. Please plan for at least 90 minutes once on site. Tours will be longer if there are multiple groups.
  3. Amount and age. Let us know the number and age range of the students/participants so we can plan accordingly.
  4. Educational goals. Any background about what they are studying that would make them want to visit a wastewater treatment plant (e.g., adv placement, watershed studies, biology class, general water, etc.)

       On your end:

  • Teachers/chaperones. We’ve found it’s best to split students into groups of 10 to 12. This way they can hear the tour guide and stay focused. For grade school students we request one teacher or chaperone per group. This help students with staying focused, not wandering off and not touching equipment.
  • Legalities. Below are the links for the required request and liability forms. While it is acceptable to bring them the day of the tour, they do need to be submitted.


  • Cellular service. Cell signals are very weak here at the plant. So plan for logistical calls ahead of time.
  • Avoid Google Maps. Google map directions are not accurate for this site. Please download the map below. 
  • Accident avoidance.  Be very careful when turning off Hwy 1 onto our access road. It is a sharp right turn immediately at the end of the metal guard rail as you finish crossing the river. There is no room to taper off of Hwy 1 and drivers behind you will not expect anyone to slow down there.
  • Minimum age. The plant is an industrial site with many elevated platforms. To prevent falls, children younger than third grade are typically not allowed due to a risk of falling through the railings.
  • Clothing and footwear. Please wear long pants or long skirts that will not snag on equipment, stairs or railings. Comfortable, high-traction footwear is preferred (the tour involves stairs and metal grates and is approximately 90-minutes long). Please no sandals, flip flops, open-toe or open-heeled shoes. No high-heels.


Three ways to contact us to request a tour:

  1. You can directly email our Safety Officer, Mark Dias, at with the information above,  OR;
  2. You can fill out the request forms linked below and email them to our Safety Officer, Mark Dias, at, OR;
  3. You can use the online submittal form below and you will be contacted for further information.


Download Required Forms and a Map to the plant

School Tour Request FormLiability WaiverGeneral Tour Request FormMap and Instructions to plant


Thanks again and we look forward to explaining how we turn wastewater into a new water source for the peninsula, electricity for our plant and fertilizer for farms!!

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