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Plumbing Permits

Plumbing Permits issued by CAWD are required for plumbing work within CAWD jurisdiction including the following:

1) Private Sewer Laterals (outside building footprint to CAWD mainline, including wye connection)

2) Commercial Kitchen Drainage Fixtures and associated Grease Traps/Interceptors (includes plumbing inside the building from kitchen drainage fixtures)


Application Process

Please bring completed Application Form to 3945 Rio Rd.

Plans are required to be submitted for any new laterals where no previous lateral existed, major remodel projects, or new grease trap installations. 


Application Form

Application for Plumbing Permit



Basic permit on property, non-street opening - $130

Street opening or full lateral replacement - $250


CAWD Standard Details

Standard Lateral DrawingsTrench Detail.pdf


Insurance Requirements for Plumbing Permits

Required insurance documents for issuance of plumbing permits



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