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District Ordinances & Resolutions


The most recent CAWD Ordinance was approved on September 30, 2021 at the District's monthly regular Board Meeting. 

ORD 2021-03 Pretreatment Ordinance.pdfOrdinance 2021-02 Establishing sewer service charges & collection of those charges through the County annual tax roll

 Approved on March 25, 2021 at the District's monthly regular Board Meeting. 

Ordinance 2021-01 Implementation of regulations regarding reimbursement 



 November 18, 2021 Approved Resolutions

RES 2021-61 Adopting CAWD PBCDS Reclamation Audit FY Ending 6-30-21.pdfRES 2021-62 Auth GM Enter MSC Frisch Eng Reclamation SCADA Migration FY 21-22 $139K.pdfRES 2021-63 Selecting Board President-ProTem & Board Secretary Effective 12-30-21.pdf

 October 28, 2021 Approved Resolutions

RES 2021-57 Auth GM to Amend Contract SRT ERS CDP #19-03 Carmel Meadows $29,700.pdfRES 2021-58 Auth GM to Amend Contract MNS #20-08 Scenic Rd Coastal Permitting-$72,455.pdfRES 2021-59 Auth GM to Amend Contract MNS #19-13 Upper Rancho For Addl Eng Srv-$15,215.pdfRES 2021-60 Local Emergency Ratifying Prclmtn Gov Ordrs SOE Teleconference -Brown Act-Nov 28th.pdf

September 30, 2021 Approved Resolutions

RES 2021-53 Auth GM Enter Contract MNS $202,921.pdfRES 2021-54 Accepting LRB Eucalyptus Pruning-Topes $92K-#21-01.pdfRES 2021-55 Auth GM Amend Contract MNS $48K-#20-08.pdfRES 2021-56 Proclaiming Local Emergency- Ratifying Governor's Orders #N-25-20-Auth Remote Teleconf 10-1-21 to 10-30-21-Brown Act Provisions .pdf

August 26, 2021 Approved Resolutions: 

RES 2021-47 Accp bid for Proj 21-02 for $136K.pdfRES 2021-48 Auth GM to amend MNS cntrct for $32,690.pdfRES 2021-49 Adptng ISMND and MMRP for Proj 19-21.pdfRES 2021-50 Accp bid for Proj 18-26 for $377K.pdfRES 2021-51 Auth annual adj of O&M Fund.pdfRES 2021-52 App COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.pdf

July 29, 2021 Approved Resolutions: 

RES 2021-38 Auth GM To Enter MS Contract Mailey Electric FY21-22 $141,000.00 .pdfRES 2021-39 Accepting The Lowest Responsible &Responsive Bidder #18-01 Clark Bros. $7,291,500.00 .pdfRES 2021-40 Auth GM To Execute PS Agreement Currie Engineers $549,122.00 .pdfRES 2021-41 Auth GM To Execute PS Agreement Project #18-01 KJenks $700,801.00 .pdfRES 2021-42 Auth GM To Execute An Amended Contract Johnson Marigot #19-21 $40,000.00 CRFREE .pdfRES 2021-43 Auth GM To Invite Bids For Eucalyptus Prunning #21-01 .pdfRES 2021-44 Revising The Fee For Plumbing Permits As Adopt ORD85-1 FY21-22 .pdfRES 2021-45 Auth GM To Amend Contract MNS Provide Easement Upper Rancho Canada $10,965 Not To Exceed $29,785.00 .pdfRES 2021-46 Auth GM To Enter A Contract Mahoney & Associates For Real Estate Services $75K .pdf

 June 24, 2021 Approved Resolutions: 

Resolution 2021-27 Certifying compliance of state law of levying of taxes & feesResolution 2021-28 Determination of FY 21-22 Tax Proceeds Appropriations LimitationsResolution 2021-29 Adoption of the Budget for FY 21-22Resolution 2021-30 Designation of employee classification titles, number of positions and monthly salary rangesResolution 2021-31 Approval of the annual $1m contribution to the Defend or Managed Retreat Reserve FundResolution 2021-32 Authorization of a contract with Beth Ingram for HR servicesResolution 2021-33 Authorizing a contract with Applied Marine Services for CCLEAN program for 2 yearsResolution 2021-34 Rejection of all previous bids and authorization to invite rebids for Project #21-02Resolution 2021-35 Authorization of invitation of bids for construction of Project #18-26Resolution 2021-36 Authorization of a contract with Trussell Technologies

 May 27, 2021 Approved Resolutions: 

Resolution 2021-25 Adoption of the CAWD/PBCSD FY 21-22 Reclamation BudgetResolution 2021-26 Establishing District sewer connection and annexation fees

April 29, 2021 Approved Resolutions: 

Resolution 2021-15 Bid invite for Project #21-02 Resolution 2021-16 Authorization to enter into agreements with residents for Project #18-21Resolution 2021-17 Contract authorization with MBE for Project #18-21Resolution 2021-18 Contract authorization with DD&A for Project #18-21Resolution 2021-19 Adoption of MND & MMRP for Project #20-01Resolution 2021-20 Authorization for NOI to adopt MND for Project #19-21Resolution 2021-21 Authorization to amend the contract with Kennedy Jenks for Project #18-01Resolution 2021-22 Bid invite for Project #18-01Resolution 2021-24 Amended negotiation deadline for Project #19-13

March 25,2021 Approved Resolutions:

Resolution 2021-09 Acceptance of bid for Project #19-13Resolution 2021-13 Contract authorization for Project #20-07 Resolution 2021-14 Contract authorization for Project #19-21 

February 25,2021 Approved Resolutions:

Resolution 2021-10 Authorization to amend the contract with SRT for Project #19-03Resolution 2021-11 Contract authorization with MNS for Project #20-08Resolution 2021-12 Authorization to amend the CAWD employees pension trust

January 28,2021 Approved Resolutions:

RES 2021-01 Ratifying Recommendation of the Salary & Benefit Health Insurance Inc 50-50.pdfRES 2021-02 Accepting the results of the Section 115 Trust request for proposals.pdfRES 2021-04 Adopting a MND and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting plan for PROJ 18-01.pdfRES 2021-05 Authorizing contract with Rincon for PROJ 19-13 $282K.pdfRES 2021-06 Auth General Manager to enter into Contract MNS #19-13 Rancho Canada $18.8K.pdfRES 2021-07 Accepting Notice Of Completion for PROJ 18-17.pdfRES 2021-08 Accepting Notice Of Completion for PROJ 18-17 - Wetland creation.pdf


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