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Ed Waggoner

Position:  Operations Superintendent
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Photo of Operations Superintendent, Ed Waggoner
Operations Superintendent, Ed Waggoner

Mr. Waggoner, as Operations Superintendent of the Treatment Plant and Water Reclamation facilities for the District is responsible for day-to-day operations.. He oversees processes for energy optimization, grease acceptance for digester efficiency, and sludge dewatering. Maintains the primary responsibility for the regulatory compliance with the District's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit (Order No. R3-2014-0012) and Water Reclamation Requirements (Order No. 93-72) issued by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board. 

Mr. Waggoner is a Wastewater and Water Professional with over thirty five years experience, including consultant work with various water and wastewater companies, and as an instructor at Hartnell and Gavilan College on the Central Coast for water and wastewater training. His major strengths include: Planning/organizing, Training, Problem solving, and Cost Analysis and Control. He currently holds a Grade 5 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certificate, a Grade 4 Water Distribution System Operator Certificate and a Grade 3 Water Treatment Plant Operator Certificate. All issued by the California State Water quality Control Board.


10-27-2022 Ed Waggoner Ethics Certificate.pdf12-15-23 Workplace Harassment Prevention Training Certificate-Waggoner.pdf


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