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Carmel Area Wastewater Annexation - Notice of Proposed Permit Amendment


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Subject: Proposed Amendment to Coastal Development Permit (CDP) 3-82-199 
Applicant: Carmel Area Wastewater District 
Original CDP Approval  
CDP 3-82-199 was approved by the Coastal Commission on January 20, 1981 to authorize a series of improvements and upgrades to bring the Carmel Area Wastewater District's (CAWD) wastewater treatment plant (originally constructed in 1939) into compliance with water quality standards at the time. More specifically, the CDP authorized infrastructure upgrades to address problems from inadequately sized treatment capacity, including expanded capacity and construction of recycled water facilities meant to provide treated wastewater for a variety of uses, including to irrigate nearby golf courses. The 1981 CDP approval also included a series of conditions addressing the plant's operations, including service area boundaries, treatment capacity, flood management/coastal hazards (i.e., prohibiting levees, dikes, and other shoreline protective devices to protect the plant from flooding), public coastal access (i.e., requiring CAWD to offer an easement or enter into an agreement to allow a public trail along the Carmel River to the shoreline), and habitat preservation (i.e., requiring CAWD to develop a plan to protect riparian habitat located outside of the Plant's boundaries). 
The CDP has been amended nine times since its initial approval to authorize various changes, including new wastewater treatment structures (e.g., new 
laboratory building, aeration basin, maintenance shop, digester, sodium 
bisulfite/hypochlorite facility, stormwater pump station, and an electrical service pad), a change in plant configuration (to relocate a previously approved open reservoir equalization basin on adjacent State Park-owned land to an onsite enclosed concrete structure), upgraded recycled water operations, and an increase in plant capacity (from 2.4 million gallons per day (mgd) to 4.0 mgd, with a 3 mgd dry weather capacity limit). 
Proposed CDP Amendment 
CDP 3-82-199 would be amended to allow for expansion of CAWD’s service area to add approximately 326 mostly low-density residential-zoned parcels that cover 

3-82-199-A10 (CAWD Annexation) immaterial amendment notice 12.2.22.pdf
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