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Effluent Pump Station 

The Effluent Pump Station building contains effluent pumps, backup chlorine mixing equipment, backup plant water pumps and return effluent pumps. Accessory equipment associated with the above major equipment items are also located in the Effluent Pump Station Building. Since all effluent discharged to Carmel Bay must be pumped, the entire Effluent Pump Station is connected to the standby electrical power system so that pumping can continue at all times.

Flow enters the Effluent Pump Station from the Chlorination/Dechlorination Structure under normal conditions, or from the Secondary Bypass pipe under abnormal conditions. Under normal conditions, the flow enters an inlet box, flows under a baffle, then over a weir into the wet well which is the sump for the Effluent Pumps. When the secondary bypass is used, the flow enters the inlet box where it is dosed with chlorine added through submerged diffusers. The chlorine solution used for dosing is piped from the Chlorination/Dechlorination Structure. Immediately after chlorine addition, the flow goes under the baffle into a chamber where it is mixed by a Chlorine Mixer. The flow then continues on over the weir into the wet well.

The Effluent Pumps pump out of the wet well and into the discharge manifold leading to the outfall line. The outfall pipeline proceeds to an underground tee with valves which can be used to control the flow in the future when irrigation is used in addition to the discharge to Carmel Bay through the submarine outfall.

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