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Impacts of Putting Garbage In Your "Garbage Disposal"

Cartoon dinosaur eating food waste
If only it was this easy

Whoever first named the food grinder in our kitchen sinks a "garbage disposal" definitely did not work at a treatment plant! Eggshells, coffee grounds, chicken and fish bones and other non-biodegradable material put down garbage disposals causes problems for our plant.  First, we have to try and physically remove as much as possible from the wastewater stream before it can be treated. This wet and heavy "grit" material must be trucked to the landfill for burial which adds to operational costs. Second, not all of the grit can be removed so some of it still makes it into our treatment process. The grit settles in our aeration basins, and troughs which periodically must be emptied and cleaned out. It also slowly damages our pumps which must be periodically removed and rebuilt (or replaced).

Eggshells in sink
Please no eggshells, coffee grounds, bones and garbage down the sink

More importantly, this same material will build up in your sewer lateral and will contribute to clogging -- resulting in expensive plumber bills.

Please only use your disposal for light kitchen waste and put non-degradable material in the trash.



TIP: potato and vegetable peels stick to the sides of your pipes and lateral and are a common cause of clogging.

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