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Pathogen  Concentration Levels 

Text referring to "Carmel Area WD (CA) - Facility Influent" from the CDC NWSS Testing Program.
Map showing the Carmel Area Water District (CA) facility with pathogen data, servicing Monterey County, CA.
Image of the State  California

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To access data regarding certain pathogens, join the Center for Disease Control and Prevention-National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) - Testing Program Dashboard For The District ,which started on December 29,2023.  On this landing page choose the pathogen(s) using the drop down menu and then move to the duration drop down menu to choose the number of days.  If you have questions regarding prior year data testing program associated with Biobot, please contact Prior year Biobot information is archived below.

To view Biobot information, please visit the Biobot Website: Biobot Analytics, Inc. , which is now testing for opioids and other chemicals.

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