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Pebble Beach Company

Lone Cypress Company LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (the Company or Lone Cypress) and its two wholly owned subsidiaries, Cypress I LLC and Cypress II LLC (Cypress I and Cypress II are the general partners), were formed in June 1999 for the purpose of acquiring the partnership interest in the Pebble Beach Company (PBCo) on July 30, 1999 (date of acquisition. Substantially all the operations are conducted through PBCo, a California general partnership. PBCo generates the majority of its revenues through the ownership and operation of resort hotels, four golf courses, a full service spa, restaurants, retail outlets, a beach and tennis club, an athletic club, certain properties leased to others, and the scenic route known as 17-Mile Drive. In addition PBCo owns land held for development of residential and commercial real estate.

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