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Rancho Cañada Sewer Replacement 

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The project would replace an existing CAWD sewer main, which would serve to upsize and upgrade the existing pipeline to address capacity issues to handle current flows and address surcharging. The project includes the installation and operation of a total of 4,240 linear feet (LF) of pipeline, the majority of which would be located alongside the existing alignment. Replacement of the sewer main would include 3,120 LF of 15-inch gravity sewer main, 330 LF of 15-inch sewer main truss, and 790 LF of 8-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sewer main. The replacement pipeline location would generally coincide with the existing pipeline location but would be up to 100 feet apart in some areas. Additional improvements include two new 8-inch stub-outs that would be installed at intermediate manholes to provide future service for a public restroom at Palo Corona Regional Park and an emergency services staging area. A 15-inch plugged connection and 5-foot long capped segment of 15-inch diameter sewer would be provided for future connection/rerouting of wastewater flows, and the existing 10-inch diameter manhole outlet plugged. Sewer lateral connections to the existing sewer main would be reconnected to the new sewer main.

CAWD Public Review Draft Rancho Canada Sewer Replacement -Initial Study -MND.pdf
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