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Reclamation Management Committee

The Reclamation Management Committee provides oversight and strategic planning for the Project. The committee is comprised of two members each from the board of directors of Pebble Beach Community Services District and CAWD and one representative from the Pebble Beach Company.

David Heuck, Executive Vice President/CFO, Pebble Beach Company
Ken White, Director, CAWD
Charlotte Townsend, Director, CAWD
Peter B. McKee, Director, PBCSD
Richard D. Verbanec, Director, PBCSD
Joe Huston, Independent Reclaimed Water Users Group (IRWUG)



2022-2023 Reclamation Budget.pdf2020-2021 Reclamation Budget2019-2020 Reclamation Budget2018-19 Reclamation Budget


Reclamation Audit 06-30-19Reclamation Audit 06-30-18Reclamation Audit 06-30-17
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