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Revenues for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the District are primarily from collection of user fees assessed at the rate of $30.88 per month per equivalent residential unit. This amount 4,887,761 together with revenue from interest on cash reserves; connection and permit fees; and tax subventions comprise the total revenues required for O&M costs chargeable to CAWD.

As discussed earlier, the PBCSD contracts with the CAWD to treat and dispose of wastewater from Del Monte Forest. PBCSD’s payment for wastewater treatment is calculated based upon the flow of sewage from their district. PBCSD’s slow currently amounts to 34.45% of the total annual flow. A 7.50% administrative fee is added to the flow percentage and applied to the costs for treatment and disposal. This amount currently is $805,000 leaving $ 4,082,761 to be paid by the rate payers of CAWD.