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Homeowner Tips For Your Sewer Lines

Basics of Sewer Laterals

Laterals are the sewer pipelines that run from your home or business to the main pipeline.

The sewer lateral is the responsibility of the property owner. The property owner is responsible for the lateral all the way to the connection point at the mainline. This includes the connection itself.

Many laterals are aging, cracking and leaking. They can fill with water during storms and cause sewer spills, backups and stress to the treatment plant. The District has a new Ordinance which requires inspection and repair of laterals if they are damaged or blocked.

Sewer Mains and Lift Stations. The CAWD owns and maintains the main sewer lines in the roadways and easements along with any pump/lift stations to pump the sewage to the Treatment Plant.

Tips for Maintaining Your Sewer Lateral

  • Laterals must be equipped with a backflow preventer and cleanout.
  • Periodically inspect and repair lateral and backflow preventer.
  • Use a qualified plumber to inspect and repair your sewer lateral line.
  • Don’t flush wipes – they will clog your drain, harm our plant and the environment!
  • Never pour grease down your sink!
  • Do not connect outdoor drains or downspouts to your lateral.
Link to sewer maintenance flyer

Check out this great flyer for Dos and Don'ts with your sewer lines!

Shared Responsibility-Lateral Line Flyer.pdf


Tips for Hiring a Contractor

  • Contact three companies for quotes if possible. Quotes should be free of charge.
  • They should be willing to show your their contractor's license
  • Request a schedule and know their availability
  • Ask for job references and call them
  • Obtain a copy of the lateral video inspection.
  • Receive copies of all quotes and repair estimate reports
  • Ask about less invasive (less expensive) repair options such as pipe bursting or lining.
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