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Reclamation Plant

The original tertiary plant, constructed in 1994, consisted of an influent flow equalization basin, influent pumps, chemical contact chambers for the addition of coagulants and flocculants, a sand filter, chlorine contact channels and effluent pumps. With the addition of the microfiltration and reverse osmosis (MF/RO) facilities in 2008, the chemical contact chambers and sand filters were “mothballed”. The flow equalization basin, chlorine contact channels and effluent pumps continue to be used with the MF/RO facility.

The newer MF/RO Facility (also referred to as the "Salinity Management Project”), was placed into service in the fall of 2008. It consists of microfilters with a capacity to produce 1.9 million gallons per day (MGD) and reverse osmosis membranes capable of producing 1.2 MGD. With a design “blend” of 80% RO and 20% MF, 1.5 MGD of blended recycled wastewater can be produced. Based on average flows, the average output of reclaimed water is 1.0 MGD.