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Shared Sewer Responsibility - Please Don't Flush Wipes

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Two individuals cleaning out a large mass of wipes from a treatment plant pipe.

The proper way to protect human health and the environment is to dispose of wipes in a trash can instead of the toilet. Disposing of wipes in the toilet can cause expensive sewage backups in homes, damage infrastructure, and are a major source of microplastic pollution in the ocean. 

Image of disposing of wipes in the trash can. and an image of mass of wipes clogging a treatment sewer pipe
Image is of an individual properly disposing of a wipe in a trash can compared to an image of a large knotty mass of wipes in a treatment plant pipe.

Please click on the 2022 "Please Do Not Flush Wipes Mailer"  for more information:

2022 Please Do Not Flush Wipes Mailer.pdfSewer System Shared Responsibility - Don't Flush Wipes
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